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Check it all out, dudes :dummy: You won't regret it, I promise



Please take the time to read them, they say a lot about me!

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Firework by vinayan
by vinayan

While I can't compliment you on the lovely architecture, I can compliment you on finding it! The photo is immaculately timed. The firew...


Hey, want a critique? Note me. But first, please refer to my rules and instructions:

In note:
:bulletyellow: Link to deviation.
:bulletyellow: Ask any questions you might have, just to get them out of the way.
:bulletyellow: Let me know specific areas you'd like me to focus on. (Examples: "Is the dialogue realistic enough?" "And grammatical mistakes?" or "Is there some way I can make this paragraph more fluid?")
:bulletyellow: Be sure to specify whether you would like harsh critique or gentle criticism. (I don’t want to make anyone angry with too-harsh criticism.)

Things I DO NOT critique:
-W.I.P.s (work in progress)
-Low quality images (where I cannot clearly see the piece)
-Pieces so poorly done (no effort was put into it) that they cannot be considered finished work

Things I DO critique:
-Everything else! (Some examples: poetry, traditional drawings, digital drawings, photography, paintings, etc.)

I critique both premium and regular members, so it's not a problem if you don't have the critique option enabled!

If you have questions regarding why I do not critique a certain type of work or whether or not your work falls within the criteria, please don't hesitate to :note: me!

Love Critiques by tRiBaLmArKiNgS

:meow:  'Allo there, active watchers. 3 things for you guys today:

1. The switch to digital

    Been considering trying out digital art for a while now and I actually have a large pixel work in the making! Woo! Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] It's coming out great! So my current project aside...
     I have some questions for you all if you'd be so kind as to answer. :D
  1. What type of digital work do you think I should try out? Which would be the best for my style? Digital painting? Pixel work? 3D rendering? Fractals? Let me hear your opinion.
  2. What applications do the digital artists out there recommend? I currently use Gimp, but I'm wondering if there are any other free art applications that would be better.
  3. If there are any pixel artists out there who could spare a minute to comment: What is the difference between submitting to the "isometric" and "non-isometric" categories? I researched it, but nothing I found was related to art or pixels, so anyone with experience would be helpful. Thank you!
    I know digital art is very popular and traditional artists often go unrecognized on DA, but I just want to try it out to see if it's the kind of art for me. Really super super excited for my pixel project! Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1] 

2. Commissions?

    Also pondering allowing commissions! Of course, there will be strict rules, but I'll have to go around a bit to determine the correct amount to charge.

    If anyone is interested in a commission, note me, and I'll try to estimate the time you should expect them to be open! When they are open, I'll contact you and ask for information. :note:

3.  Lots of sketchy stuffs

Been sketching and doodling and writing and all that good stuff. Exhausted. Panda Emoji-06 (Nap) [V1]  No idea when I'll get around to uploading any of it, but it's coming! :la: Expect it soonish. Within the month!

So long, guys!  EXO : Kyungsoo Fangirling 


bloedzuigerbloed's Profile Picture
Carnivorous Snail
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Bunny Icon: Free to use by Getanimated :iconsaysplz:Long Button: Please Do Not Thank Me For The Llama by Italian-Pitbull

Deviant ID.
(A.K.A. the Big Long Bulleted List Where You Learn More Than the Average Person is Comfortable Knowing About Me While Staying a Safe Distance Away Armed With a Shiv.)

Basic information:

:pointr: Literature geek.
:pointr: Everything else geek.
:pointr: I will probably get your references.
:pointr: You will probably not get mine.
:pointr: World's leading expert on the structure of Hugh Laurie's face. (Not really.)
:pointr: Favourite band: They're still battling it out.
:pointr: Favourite colour: The colour of fear.
:pointr: Favourite food: Food.
:pointr: Favourite animal: Human.
:pointr: Favourite human: Not you.
:pointr: Overuses bulleted lists. You will hate me for it.

Fluent in: English
Speaks a bit of: French and Latin

"You and me and art" STATUS:
:bulletred:COMMISSIONS: Closed. Don't ask! :no:
:bulletyellow:REQUESTS: Sometimes closed. I can be flexible. :paranoid:
:bulletgreen:ART TRADES: Open. Note me! :note:
:bulletgreen:CRITIQUE TRADES: Open. Note me! :note:
:bulletgreen:COLLABORATIONS: Open only for literature. Note me! :note:

:bulletblack: I am an ASPIRING artist.
That means I'm decent, but worship my artistic superiors.
Critique exchanges welcome.

:bulletblack: I am capable of giving critiques for literature and traditional art.
I would love to critique your work! If you need feedback on a piece, just ask in the comments down below with a link to the deviation. (Notes are also convenient.)
I do not charge for critiques, but a simple thank you or llama is appreciated.
I always return llamas.

:bulletblack: I reply to MOST if not ALL of any comments you leave for me. I might be a bit slow, but wait patiently!

:bulletblack: If you feel some compelling force to...
:pointr:Insult my artwork, please maintain it in a critique-like fashion. I want to be able to improve from my mistakes.
:pointr:Accuse me of stealing, I will assure you that ALL of my artwork is my OWN creation and I would benefit from seeing a link to the alternate version.
:pointr:Preach, I can understand everyone has an opinion. But if it is insulting or degrading to me, or if you are stubbornly objecting to me in some way, whether it is for your religious belief, societal standards, or simply your jacka**ery, I don't care and I will promptly block you.
:pointr:Spam, and this is assuming you are not a spambot, I will politely kick your butt off my artwork.

:bulletblack: Apologies in advance for rude comments!
Feel free to block me, or just tell me to shove off. Unless you totally deserved it. Then you should go die in a hole.

:bulletblack: Warning: dark thoughts.
Violent and unstable, do not feed!

:bulletblack: Beware of Grammar Nazism.


:bulletred: Traditional drawings
:bulletred: Paintings in watercolor and acrylic
:bulletred: Polymer clay sculptures
:bulletred: Poems
:bulletred: Short stories and vignettes
And other various things
Neko Emoji-38 (Music) [V2] by Jerikuto



:bulletred: You do NOT need to thank me for llamas. :no:
:bulletred: When thanking me for favs, please do not include a thumb of the deviation. My profile is NOT for advertisement.
:bulletred: My profile is NOT the place to ask for critiques. If you would like one, please note me.
:bulletred: Please NO "Can u plz chek out my artz thank uuu!", "Hey, check out ___'s profile!", "Please join my group", or "Once u start reeding this u cant stop srsly this is no joke..." (chain mail). These comments will be hidden.
:bulletred: If I find you offensive and you leave a comment on my page, I'll hide it so I won't be advertising your profile.

:bulletgreen: You CAN thank me for favs and watches. :nod:
:bulletgreen: You can comment in any language you please. I can always use a translator for the ones I don't speak.
:bulletgreen: Compliments always appreciated.

:iconyaytigerplz: Congratulations on making it through my whole profile. Have a cookie.

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